CUPRA makes electric vehicle ownership effortless with the CUPRA Charging Map

CUPRA has enhanced the way drivers use their all-electric vehicles with the launch of the CUPRA Charging Map

  • The CUPRA Charging Map integrates the most up-to-date charging information in the vehicle’s infotainment system.
  • Users can instantly find the nearest charging point for their journey, with availability and customer feedback – even adding their own information.
  • The CUPRA Charging Map is free to download either using the MyCUPRA app Store or directly via the vehicle’s infotainment system through the In-car Store.
  • The CUPRA Charging Map app joins the already available Online Vehicle Maintenance app on the CUPRA Born's In-Car store.

CUPRA Born drivers can use the in-car system to make finding charging stations simpler and more efficient, with up-to-date information and customer feedback all accessible from the vehicle’s infotainment display.

Downloading the app is easy, done either using a smart device on the MyCUPRA app Store or using the car’s infotainment system. And it’s completely free. 

The CUPRA Charging Map opens up charging infrastructure accessibility through the screen of the car, including the 620,000 charging points in 27 European countries that make up the CUPRA Charging Service, provided together with Elli, the Volkswagen Group Charging company.

With the rollout of the In-car app, users can find the public charging stations near where they would like to charge by simply running a map search from inside the vehicle. The CUPRA Charging Map provides data to the embedded navigation system, giving the user the chance to plan their journey; considering the charging stops needed to reach their destination.

And with greater detail, including checking the availability of charging points in advance, as well as the ability to display the nearest or best-rated charging station and be guided to them directly, the entire process is simple and stress-free.

The CUPRA Charging Map also delivers a stronger community where users can view or provide online ratings and feedback on charging stations, making other people’s navigation easier. It means every journey can be planned with complete confidence.

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